Case Study

Rothman Institute

Beyond Wishful Thinking

The Rothman Institute Orthopaedics is internationally recognized for excellence in orthopaedic science and technology. They are heavily engaged locally, regionally, and internationally in various aspects of those communities. Rothman was looking for ways to engage in the community beyond being great orthopaedic doctors, and placing an emphasis on community contributions.

It’s More Than Just Building Solutions, It’s Understanding

In serving the community, Rothman Institute wanted to do more than build yet another informational Website like the average company. They wanted to go deeper and provide a resource for their community – they wanted to build a place to engage users, offer resources, and provide practical advice for them. Rothman entrusted Synergema to architect a solution for engagement.

We started by identifying key goals and performance indicators, understanding the needs of the key business stakeholders, and most importantly, understanding the needs, wants, and hows of users that would interact with the Rothman site.

Next, we held several interactive work sessions with key stakeholders and users. During these sessions we identified key user tasks and user flows.

Finally, we synthesized all of this information to develop key wireframes and user flows illustrating how the community would interact and use this site both on a desktop and mobile environment.

“Taking the necessary time to think through how a user operates in the community website and the mobile site helps to identify how users will interact on their mobile devices versus their desktop, how user exceptions are handled, how users engage with the site and complete their tasks. All of this together ultimately defines a successful Web/mobile application for users and the Rothman Institute.”