Case Study

People to People’s Global Citizen Daily

This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Commodore 64.

Global Citizen Daily (GCD) is a forum for writers and readers to foster global conversations about the world around them. Their aim is to bridge the gap between travelers and the world at large. What they were looking for from us was a better, more user-friendly way of getting their message online.

Mobile First, Desktop Second

We approached this re-presentation of the GCD to be, first and foremost, friendly to its primary user-base: visitors on mobile devices. While the experience remained chiefly the same for users on desktop browsers, we re-engineered the front-end code to ensure that those users on a mobile device were getting a first-rate experience.

The other issue that GCD presented to us was the need for a better experience for editors and authors providing content for the site. We streamlined and improved the back-end experience for these contributors, implementing more structured workflow and approval strategies for a busy, on-the-go bunch! The result was a more successful experience for the contributors, with more tools at their disposal, more control for those users, and shared tools to allow for multiple users working in the back-end at the same time.

The new Global Citizen Daily helped establish a new platform which supports the Student Ambassador Programs, enabling students and leaders an opportunity to discuss, share and contribute to their overall mission of global understanding.

“Global Citizen Daily wanted a mobile experience that was not the watered down version of their desktop experience that so many mobile Websites are today. We happily rose to that challenge. We also responded their growing needs for an easy-to-use back-end for authors writing on their site and ultimately helped them enhance the platform for discussion to heighten their primary mission.”